Hi, thanks for visiting. This site is a collaborative effort between two guys, who are scientists and scholars in our day jobs and who, like lots of us, find ourselves swearing in our free time. 

Nice to meet you. We are Drs. Richard Stephens and David Spierer. We have been conducting research in the area of swearing and its effects on pain and physical performance for the past few years. Funny story...we met by happenstance through the filming of a television program featuring the origin and effects of swearing. Back then we were asked by the TV people to pretend to be friends on camera even though we’d never met – well five years later we are. WTF!

A little about who we are: 

Hi, I am Dr. Stephens. I am a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Keele University in the U.K. and I have published and presented my work all over the world. I am especially interested in the positive effects of swearing and trying to explain the underlying psychology behind them. 

I am Dr. Spierer and I am a former associate professor of exercise science and physiology at Long Island University Brooklyn. I have written books on exercise and have published and presented my work on the use of activity trackers, athletic response time, cardiovascular physiology and with Dr. Stephens; swearing and performance.

We are delighted to announce the publication on 4th January 2018 of our first joint study which shows that swearing can increase physical power and strength. Maybe you go to the gym or enjoying cycling up mountains and had already worked this out for yourself! Well our new research offers some science to back up the widely held view that swearing can boost physical performance.

We want to thank for your interest in our "swearing makes you stronger" site. We developed it to bring more awareness to the positive nature of swearing and how it may be an aid in health and fitness. We plan to conduct further research on swearing to inform the public of its several uses and benefits.

The site was set up so we can raise the funds for further research on the positive benefits of swearing, as well as for charitable contributions. To that end, 90% of the proceeds of the merchandise sold on this site will go towards furthering the research while 10% will go towards breast cancer awareness (personal connection).

So, please if you are interested, stop reading and buy some fu@%ing clothes!